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Home Remedies


 Tom Bowen passed on several Home Remedies to his clients.  Occasionally I will post them here.  They are all available at Bowen Wellness along with simple movement handouts to free and align joints and improve posture.  

Onion Poultice


Onion poultices are used for moving toxins out through the blood, lymph and skin in cases of bruising, swelling, and inflammation that causes pain. I.e. water on the knee, sprained ankles, bumps on the head, jammed fingers, renewed swelling of old injuries, or of surgeries done to repair those injuries, and lung congestion. (Ask for the page especially devoted to lung congestion)


Grind or chop enough onion to cover the area.


If desired for more fluid drawing power add salt (Sea salt preferred – non iodized when possible) at a proportion of 2 parts onion to 1 part salt. This is not essential.


Spread the mixture onto a natural fiber cloth or directly on the skin. 


Since the poultice is wet and you want to keep it that way, put some Saran wrap over the poultice or a plastic bag and tape the edges as best you can to make it leak proof.  Then wrap towels around the area to catch any run off.


 It can be left on overnight or for at least two hours since you went through the trouble.  One night is usually enough for most problems. 


Upon removing you will find that the onions have a strange odor.  This is from the fluids that have been drawn out of the area.


Wash the skin with soapy water, then rub with lemon juice to remove the odor.

Pacific Ace Hardware in Vacaville sells a little bar of soap shaped piece of stainless steel, which like magic removes the smell of onion, garlic and fish. About $5. It really works.


Materials list:

Onions  - any color

Natural fiber clothe (thin dish towel)


Saran wrap


Soapy washcloth

Lemon juice or stainless steel thing

Container for easy disposal



Sea Salt – non-iodized 

Comfrey Tea is also a good supplement with an onion poultice. Drink it and soak area in it between poulticing.


Call Greg Kennedy, RBT at Bowen Wellness 707-447-5696 with any questions,

 concerns or good news.